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Vill dela en liten intervju som Björk & Berries gjort med mig om mina beautyfavoriter…

With a beauty routine that reflects her modern boho style, blogger and beauty editor Filippa Berg uses natural products to achieve her creative looks, experimenting with her features to enhance beauty in a variety of ways. Influenced by contemporary trends, travels and seventies music icons, she creates a personal mix where an emboldened innovativeness is consistent.

What is Scandinavian beauty to you?
A natural dewy freshness, like forest moss after a gentle summer rain.

Describe your top three beauty products?
Only three? That’s too tough! But I can tell you what I use a lot of right now, which is the Skin Awakening C-Serum by Björk & Berries to brighten up my complexion after a long dark cold winter, anything from RMS Beauty – I have and love her whole range – and my patchouli perfume from Santa Maria Novella, my signature scent.

What is the best beauty tip you’ve ever gotten?
Have fun, express yourself and break all beauty rules!

Who inspires you most with their beauty-look?
Real women, especially ones I meet when I travel. I met this girl in New York a few times. Her name is Sandy and she always wears the most amazing makeup. It’s full on and quite tribal, but at the same time delicate and wonderful in every way. And I have a friend in Rajasthan. She’s a gypsy and lives in the desert and she knows how to create magic with kohl.

What products do you always take with you when you travel?
Face mist is a must and I love the Deep Forest Face Mist from Björk & Berries. I use sunscreen from Aesop, and always bring my perfume.

What approach do Swedish women have to beauty?
A practical and simple approach. It’s all about a creating a great base. I think women in Sweden tend to prioritize skin care, which is great, but I would also love to see girls take more risks with makeup. Approach it as a creative outlet instead of trying to live up to some impossible idea of perfection.

How do you stay healthy?
I’ve been doing yoga for years and I take long forest walks in the morning with my dog. In the summer I swim and paddle board, and I’m curious to try boxing. Food wise, it’s mixture of green veggies, red wine and dark, organic chocolate.


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I Filippa Bergs beautyblogg bjuds vi på en inblick i den bitvis lika galna som glamorösa vardagen som skönhetsredaktör på tidningen CHIC. Bloggen är som ett backstagepass till allt som döljer sig bakom magasinets skönaste sidor.